CQID was established in November 2004 as a not for profit organisation



We are responsible for the regional coordination and management of the Community Development Employment Program (CDEP) in Central Queensland. By responding to the changing needs of the community and evolving government policy, CQID has developed into a dynamic regional organisation. It coordinates and delivers services in child safety, community support, family support, alcohol and other drugs services, community and economic development projects. CQID has offices in the communities of Rockhampton, Gladstone, Emerald and Woorabinda.

CQID is committed to generating and leading positive social change through the delivery of an holistic service model for Indigenous Australians and their communities in Central Queensland. The organisation aims to provide the tools and support to build capacity to improve individual and community social, physical, emotional and economic well-being. CQID recognises the importance of strong, vibrant and credible relationships with service agencies in order to deliver culturally appropriate outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

Warning! – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are warned that this web site may contain images of deceased people.


Jason Field, CQID CEO

A Message from our Chief Executive Officer

CQID is committed and remains committed in generating and leading positive change for Indigenous Australians and other people within our communities. While our specific goal and objectives may vary from time to time, our first priority is and will always be ensuring that social change with positive outcomes is a constant part of the community, agencies and individuals that comprise the Indigenous nations of Central Queensland, Australia and wider communities.
As you are aware there have been some significant changes to funding programs and guidelines to both Federal and State Departmental programs. This has resulted in a lot of programs being mainstreamed and with this a reduction of specialised services. This means Indigenous organisations such as CQID now have to compete in the open tender market with Multi National and International companies for funded programs. Unfortunately as the Government continue to roll out these new programs , this may result in a reduction of service providers both Indigenous and Non Indigenous organisations.
CQID have already started to discuss and negotiate possible partnerships with other service providers to ensure that CQID remain in existence and that the Indigenous community will still have a voice through the avenue of a regional organisation in years to come. CQID still continues to provide letters of support and assistance to other Indigenous organisations throughout the region to ensure that we are maximizing the best opportunity for each person.
CQID has led by example through its strong governance and its accreditation in ISO and HSQF standards. CQID is confident that it has aligned itself with key partners and has the community support with each of its tenders for existing and new programs. This will allow CQID to maximise every opportunity available to them, to ensure the success of its tender bids.

CQID Organisation Principles

The Principles of CQID as an organisation underpin the decisions we make, the strategies we devise and the directions we choose. CQID is a unique organisation in Central Queensland and perhaps in Australia, and is accordingly responsible for demonstrating a commitment to contemporary, best practice business standards, with immediate relevance to the Indigenous and other communities which it serves.

CQID staff, directors and associates will, accordingly, adhere to the following principles:

  • Always be an organisation of which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can be proud
  • Teamwork and collaboration at its best, will enable us to succeed
  • Striving to make a positive impact on the lives of Indigenous people
  • Be accountable for actions and endeavour to learn from mistakes
  • Value members and employees as they are an organisation‘s greatest asset
  • Maintain safety, security, and control at all locations
  • Maintain a culture of communication and cooperation
  • Promote best practice, engage in research and be informed by methodologies that directly involve and benefit Indigenous Australians
  • At all times uphold the fundamental rights of Indigenous Australians

Observation and practice of the Organisation Principles enables the delivery of efficient and relevant services to the community through development of:

  • Standards of service delivery and professionalism which are continually revised and enhanced
  • An intelligent, solutions-oriented approach to problem solving
  • Cooperation with agencies and clients (through the development of new and maintenance of existing local partnerships, alliances and coalitions)
  • A culture which promotes access and equity; and
  • An organisation which commits to appropriate and efficient resource use

CQID Vision, Mission & Values

VISION • To lead social wellbeing and generate social change through the delivery of an holistic service model and coordinated training, education, sport, recreation, community and economic development projects for Central Queensland Indigenous organisations and their communities.
MISSION • To be a recognized provider and coordinator, delivering quality service and best practice models, specialising in Indigenous services in the wider community.
• To be acknowledged as a leading agency by Government, stakeholders and the community.
VALUES • The Values of CQID are fundamental to the successful implementation of the Strategic Plan. The organisations Strategic Plan has been developed and is annually reviewed to reflect current service provision as well as addressing Gaps.

Foundation values of the organisation include:

hand-shake Cooperation & Trust

A people’s issues can not be addressed in political isolation. Different jurisdictional responsibilities between levels of government, and diversity within communities means that outcomes are more readily achieved through partnerships based on cooperation and goodwill. By adhering to the principle of cooperation we can establish collaborative relationships built on trust and good faith.

rotate Sustainability

Sustainability should be a key item in the planning process. The value of specific initiatives needs to be measured not only by their immediate impact but also by ensuring long-term sustainability.

win-gestureSelf Actualisation

Self actualisation is the desire for self-fulfillment, or more broadly, the tendency for an individual to become what they potentially are. This might be phrased as the desire to become more and more what one is, to become everything that one is capable of becoming. This value is fundamental to the identification of an individual as, among other things, a member of the Australian Indigenous community.

CQID Directors

CQID is managed by a board of directors which includes representatives of its member organisations. The Board also includes two independent Directors who contribute important business and management experience and significant service on the boards of other organisations.

The board assumes the responsibility for facilitating the identification of significant areas of business risk, implementing procedures to manage such risks and developing policies regarding the establishment and maintenance of appropriate ethical standards.

Tony Weldon Chairperson Longreach Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation
Darren Smith Director Independent
Valerie Pickering Director The Fitzroy Basin Elders Committee
Wayne Jones Director




DEWR Job Careers Futures – National Awards: Championship Award for Outstanding Achievement in Community Benefit

DEWR Job Careers Futures – National Awards: Runner up Outstanding Achievement in Developing Business opportunities


Reconciliation Awards for Business: Highly Commended – Community Organisations.