CQID Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family Support Service

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CQID Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family Support Service is an indigenous organisation that provides support to indigenous families through direct support within the family home and local community. CQID ATSIFSS provides an early intervention approach for Central Queensland’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children & Families that are vulnerable or at risk of entering the child protection system.

  • CQID ATSIFSS provide support to children and families subject to going ongoing intervention by the Department of Child Safety.
  • CQID ATSIFSS provides support to assist in the reunification of children back to their parents. The service aims to improve family functioning and increasing individual capacity to provide and sustain an environment to maintain stability in family relationships.
  • CQID ATSIFSS support the community to build stability, capacity and strengthen families to provide a safer environment for indigenous children and their families.
  • CQID ATSIFSS assist families in further developing life skills through practical support such as budgeting and household management, and also assiting with improving attachment between children and families.
  • CQID ATSIFSS facilitates or assists parents and/or children with gaining access to primary or specialist services.

Self-referral link – http://secure.communities.qld.gov.au/cbir#

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