Mimosa Creek Healing Centre

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Mimosa Creek Healing Centre

Mimosa Creek Healing Centre is an Indigenous, not for profit, non-government organisation whose primary focus groups are substance dependent persons, who are addicted to alcohol, drugs, tobacco and volatile substances.

Mimosa Creek Healing Centre Objectives

  • Reduce alcohol and drug to recover mental and emotional well being
  • Minimise the harmful affects of alcohol and drug use by adapting strategies to reduce harm and create an educated coping awareness
  • Reduce alcohol and drug use, and health related issues
  • Focus and reduce drug and alcohol related crime to minimise the incarceration process
  • Help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families to enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle
  • Socialise without alcohol

Core Strategies

  • On admission clients are on a four week (in) stay, clients are only to leave the premises if accompanied by staff.
  • After the four week (in) stay has been completed, clients are encouraged to act independently.
  • Clients are also required to assist in domestic duties such as cleaning, to maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Daily Groups

  • Individual counselling, group therapy, meditation, health and hygiene and drug education sessions are conducted between 10.00 am to 10.30 am. These sessions encourage clients to confront and resolve problems of the past, such as loss and grief, separation from family, loss of identity.  Arrangements are also made for clients to attend at least one AA meeting per week.
  • Clients are free to leave the Centre in the afternoons to use public recreational facilities or to attend part-time education. Helping clients achieve and establish support networks within their local community and developing skills that will aid them in gaining and accessing employment, for a better quality of life.

Services Provided

Alcohol Support and Awareness, Program, Culture ,Education & Creating Self Awareness, Personal Development Program, Living Skills, Budgeting, Health & Well being, Employment Assistance, One to One Counselling, Group Counselling, Support & Advocacy, Referrals to Other Services, Transport to Health Services, Referral to a Psychologist

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