Central Queensland Indigenous Development

AOD Treatment Services

Practical and Emotional Support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to assist with the problems associated with drugs and alcohol use.

This service is available in:

  • Rockhampton

How can we support and assist you in this journey?

For those affected by alcohol and drug usage, reducing or stopping can be difficult without the support of a specialist AOD service.

The CQID AOD service offers the following culturally appropriate and non-judgmental support:

  • Assessment of needs and goals – what are your problems and what do you want to change?
  • Case planning and case management support – how do you want to go about making changes to feel better?
  • Referral Support – we will help you access counselling or rehabilitation services
  • Information and education – we’ll give you the facts, so you know for yourself the right things to do.

Can I get help?

If you are of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander heritage with a problem with drugs/alcohol and are over the age of 18, CQID can support and assist. Contact one of our AOD Wellbeing Staff members on 4920 0000 and select 6 for AOD Treatment Services.


You can self-refer by:

Self referral

Refer someone

Friendly support to help you heal

  • Get support to assist you with substance abuse
  • Learn how to reduce the harm
  • Don’t let Alcohol and drug use control your life

Meet our AOD Treatment Services team

Cayless Motto

Cayless Motto | CQID

My Mob

Juru, Darumbal and South Sea Islander Man

What I do

Trainee Support Officer

Daniel Yasso

Daniel Yasso | CQID

My Mob

I am a Aboriginal (Iman) and South Sea Islander (Vanuatu) man

What I do

General Manager of Social Services

Darlene Roberts

Darlene Roberts | CQID

My Mob

Iman and Kalkadoon

What I do


Josephine Guyer

Josephine Guyer | CQID

What I do

Trainee Support Officer

Tiko Hooper

Tiko Hooper | CQID

What I do

Case Worker

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