Central Queensland Indigenous Development

Early Childhood Development

CQID helps Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families ensure their children under the age of five get a good start in life.

This service is available in:

  • Rockhampton

Do you have children under the age of 5?

We help families ensure our kids get a good start in life.

We support families with knowledge about the development of children and how to access services and early education opportunities.

Attending pre-school is important for a child’s development and readiness for school. It makes the transition to school so much easier for everyone.

Who is this service for?

This service is for families with children aged 0-5, who are being supported by our Family Wellbeing team.

There is no shame in asking for help

  • Get help with your child’s development
  • Get help with your child’s early learning
  • Get support so your child is ready for school


You can self-refer by:

Self referral

Refer someone

Working as part of your Family Wellbeing support, we’ll:

  • help you plan your child’s early learning
  • assist you with the paperwork to enrol
  • assist you with how to receive child care subsidy
  • journey with you as your child transitions to formal education
  • help you ensure your little ones are on track

Meet our Early Childhood Development team

Ursula Barber

Ursula Barber | CQID

My Mob

Iman and Bidjara Woman | Central West Queensland

What I do

Early Childhood Development Coordinator

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