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Family Violence Support

The Human Rights Act (2019) in Queensland ensures your rights as a person are not violated or limited.

This service is available in:

  • Hervey Bay

You have the right to feel safe and be heard

Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) is when one person in a relationship hurts another

Domestic and Family Violence

  • makes people feel unsafe
  • is a repeated pattern of behaviour
  • happens in all kinds of relationships — not just between husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends

People suffer DVF when they are

Physically abused punched, slapped, kicked, strangled or are hurt by or threatened with weapons or aggressive physical behavior – including to pets or kids.

Emotionally abused getting controlled, forced to disconnect with others and be socially isolated, called terrible names, shamed and put down (sometimes in front of your children and others).

Sexually abused forced to do or see things that feel unsafe and sexually shameful, are harassed and have unwanted and unprotected sex.

Technologically abused targeted or isolated with the use of technology, photos are taken or sexual acts are recorded and shared without permission, threatening texts, calls and emails are received.

Domestic and family violence is about power and control.

Self referral

You can self-refer by:

CQID referral form

CQID can help you by

  • Prioritizing safety for women, children, families and communities
  • Managing risks by using a culturally appropriate assessment to identify your needs
  • Reaffirming that we are here to support and walk alongside you
  • Responding to domestic and family violence the best way possible without further trauma
  • Increasing everyone’s understanding of healthy and respectful relationships
  • Providing a free and confidential service

Say No to domestic and family violence because

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and live in harmony

People who use violence need to be held accountable to change their behaviour

Small steps are possible to break the cycle of power and control

What can I do

  • Don’t be a bystander
  • Don’t be ashamed
  • Be strong for your children, family and community

Meet our Family Violence Support team

Emma Lennox

Emma Lennox | CQID

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Raylene Chambers

Raylene Chambers | CQID

My Mob

Wakka Wakka | Mundubbera QLD

What I do

FWB & DV Manager

Ursula Barber

Ursula Barber | CQID

My Mob

Iman Nation and Bidjara Nation | Central West Queensland

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Domestic Violence Specialist

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