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Central Queensland Indigenous Development

Foster & Kinship Care

Support for carers

Become a Murri foster carer and keep our mob united. Finding homes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in their community.

This service is available in:

  • Rockhampton

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foster and Kinship carers

We are here to support our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foster and Kinship carers.

We are a licensed Aboriginal Foster and Kinship care agency with experienced and committed staff to help you.

Every single day that an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander child is part of a safe and culturally appropriate home is important.

We want all our kids to have good lives and we will do everything we can to help you, help them.

Being a carer through CQID

  • Regular home visits and catch up yarns
  • Advocacy and problem solving
  • Mentoring and education
  • Be part of our carer community
  • Assistance with accessing services and appointments
  • Assistance with family contact visits
  • Ongoing personalised training opportunities
  • Strengthen cultural bonds
  • On call for emergencies
  • Information and resources
  • After hours phone support
  • Social events for carers
  • Support when meeting with the Dept Child Safety
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