Central Queensland Indigenous Development

Homelessness to Housing

CQID is central Queensland’s leading organisation committed to positive social change for Indigenous Australians.

This service is available in:

  • Rockhampton

Do you need a safe place to sleep?

Our caring team work directly with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who don’t have a regular place to sleep.

We’ll do the leg-work to get access to services and supports that can remove the barriers to finding a safe place to sleep and call home.

We’ll support your needs and will journey with you so you can feel better and life improves.

Helping our people through this tough time is our job.

Who is this service for?

We can help people who have been without a home or couch surfing for 12 months, or people sleeping rough or sleeping in an improvised dwelling.


You can self-refer by:

Self referral

Refer someone

There is no shame in asking for help

  • Get help to sleep safely
  • Get help to sort out your worries
  • Get help to get healthier and be safer

Meet our Homelessness to Housing team

Daniel Yasso

Daniel Yasso | CQID

My Mob

I am a Aboriginal (Iman) and South Sea Islander (Vanuatu) man

What I do

Executive Officer Community Wellbeing

Isaiah Sullivan

Isaiah Sullivan | CQID

My Mob


What I do

Wellbeing Officer Homelessness to Housing

Masada Iosefa

Masada Iosefa | CQID

What I do

Wellbeing Officer Homelessness to Housing

Savannah Daley

Savannah Daley | CQID

My Mob


What I do

Practitioner Community Support

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